What Should be Considered in Choosing a Location for a House on an Acreage?

January 14, 2016


  • Place the house to provide the desired views, but realize the only view landowners control is the view to their property line. Beyond the property boundary, the view is controlled by other landowners.
  • Sewage systems must go downhill, which is critical in properly locating a house.
  • The location of the driveway is dictated by the safest point of entrance and exit. For safety, driveways should be placed where there is a minimum of 100 feet sighting distance in both directions along the local road. Driveways should follow the lay of the land where possible to create a more aesthetic entrance to the house, and to avoid steep grades (especially on north-facing slopes where snow and ice may accumulate in the winter).
  • Predominate winter winds are from the west, northwest and north. House and windbreak placements are important. There should be 100-150 feet between windbreaks and driveways or houses to avoid depositing snow onto the house and driveway.
  • Be aware of underground cables, pipelines and overhead wires before incorporating tree plantings into the plan. Remember, trees planted under wires will be subject to removal by the telephone or power company, and trees planted over underground pipes will be destroyed if any repairs are needed on the pipes.