Tips on Painting Cabinets

December 9, 2015

1)  Make Sure You Sand Completely

If not sanded properly, even in the hard to reach spots, the paint will go on unevenly, requiring more coats of paint.

Make Make painting your cabinets easier -- avoid these common mistakes! painting your cabinets easier -- avoid these common mistakes!



2)  Tinting Your Primer

Add a bit of your paint color to the primer to tint it — and you can get away with fewer coats. White is one of the hardest colors to cover, so having your primer tinted will save you time and money!

3)  Use the Right Paint

Buy a higher quality paint that is meant for cabinets. The brush and roller marks won’t be as visible and will adhere to the cabinets better.

4)  Update the Hinges

When updating the cabinet hardware it should include new, clean, modern hinges. Don’t just stop at the cabinet handles.

Sometimes replacing the hinges is easier because they get worn in specific ways and when putting the bathroom back together, sometimes the hinges don’t work right.

5)  Label Where Each Door Goes

The cabinet doors can be very similar in size, but just off centimeters from another door.  Labelling them can reduce a lot of headache when hanging them back up.