Tips on Buying an Acreage

December 7, 2015

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0003.JPG1) Begin searching in the spring or summer so you can see the land. Walk around to see if some areas feel soft, especially where floods are common.

2) Research local bylaws. They may prevent you from parking your trailer or subdividing later.

3) Determine the distance to the nearest fire department. This may affect insurance rates.

4) Talk to neighbours. Ask about driving times, high-speed internet capabilities and access to schools, churches and shopping. Find out who can help with a tractor if you get stuck in mud or snow.

5) Check with the planning office to see if scheduled developments will affect the property you’re considering.

6) Get a home inspection.

7) Ask about water quality. “Taste the water. Smell the water. Check the volume of flow, the colour. Get the water tested.”