Improving a Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune

May 12, 2020


Kitchens can be one of the most profitable selling features of a house.  Even without a lot of money, a kitchen be updated.

1) Painting out the cabinets.  I find that this needs to be done properly and professional by spraying.  It needs to have that smooth finish.

2) Lowering bar area.  If there is a raised section for bar chairs, lower it so the island is one flat surface.  New kitchen level chairs will be needed.

3) New countertops.  There is many great affordable countertops that can look like marble.  Quartz is a great one.  It’s durable too.

4)  Appliance.  Make sure they are at least all the same colour.

5)  Backsplash.  Can be very affordable to change out and easy enough to do it yourself.