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Real estate: long flip versus quick flip

Globe & Mail: Cindy, 39-year-old Toronto MBA grad doesn’t collect shoes or keep old magazines. Houses are her thing. “I wanted to take control of my future. And what I really loved to do was renovate, have tenants and make great homes for people,” she says. “As soon as I ...

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Tips on Painting Cabinets

1)  Make Sure You Sand Completely If not sanded properly, even in the hard to reach spots, the paint will go on unevenly, requiring more coats of paint.     2)  Tinting Your Primer Add a bit of your paint color to the primer to tint it — and you can get away with ...

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Apartment Investments

Right now in Calgary, apartments are taking the biggest hit in prices because of the large amount for sale.  As an investor, this is the time when bargains can be found. The rental potential can more than pay for the monthly mortgage amount and more.  All that is needed is ...

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